The Team

Brian Aker - Fellow

Brian Aker, an HPE Fellow, is the leader of the ATG. He's known for his work in cloud computing, MySQL, Memcached, Gearman, Drizzle, and more. He's given keynote speeches at OSCON, DrupalCon, and the International PHP Conference, among others.

Clare Springer - Project Manager / Chief of Staff

As the project manager, Clare wrangles and coordinates the projects the ATG works on. With years of experience straddling the line between developers and end users she's able to translate incredibly technical topics to managers and customers. Clare is a certified scrum master.

Eric Gustafson - Principal Engineer

Having built applications running in the cloud and built cloud systems, Eric has a mass amount of experience with cloud. He's lead the development of HP Cloud monitoring, designed and implemented the back-end stack for HP Music, and more. These days Eric is interested in monitoring and networking.

Matt Farina - Principal Engineer

Learning to write software at the young age of 10, Matt has decades of experience developing applications. He's a published author, has spoken at and coordinated conferences, and regularly contributes to open source. He's currently interested in cloud application development and automation.

Patrick Galbraith - Principal Engineer

Software as a service is a staple of the cloud and Patrick has developed numerous examples including databases, load balancing, DNS, and others. He's a speaker, author, and longtime open source contributor. Patrick is currently interested in the next generation of cloud platforms using containers.

Yazz Atlas - Principal Engineer

Yazz bring the DevOps element to the ATG. He has years of experience managing infrastructure, leveraging automation, and making the the underpinnings of the cloud work. Yazz is currently working on the layer where hardware meets the cloud to enable the next generation of computing.